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February 14, 2017

8 Great Reasons to buy from Cardinal Tech

1.) We Are Wesleyan University

Cardinal Tech is university owned and operated. All purchases made through our store directly support technology advances on campus. 

2.) Education Discounts

Cardinal Tech offers education discounts year round on many products including Apple, Dell and Windows computers and tablets, as well as headphones, hard drives and much more. Our prices are already discounted, but we are often willing to price match.

3.) Accidental Damage and Theft Coverage

Cardinal Tech offers Safeware on all hardware purchases. This warranty covers tablets and computers for 2-4 years against physical damage, liquid damage, manufacturer defects and theft. In 2016, students who took advantage of Safeware at Wesleyan save, on average, $400 on computer, iPad and iPhone repairs. Safeware allows customers to own with confidence. 

4.) Back to School Promos

Cardinal Tech participates in the same promotions offered by your local Apple Store. In the past years we've been able to offer free Beats headphones, app-store gift cards, iPods and more. Every year is different, but we anticipate being able to participate in these promotions each summer.

5.) Environmentally Conscious Products

At Cardinal Tech, we strive to carry the best products at the lowest prices. However, sometimes we sacrifice lower prices for a lower carbon footprint! When possible, we avoid buying products with extraneous packaging and for all paper/office supplies we offer 100% recycled product options. From greeting cards to sticky notes, pens, notebooks and highlighters, we have eco-friendly options for our customers to choose.

6.) Bundle Bargains

During the Back to School season (May-August), look for our bundle packs! These bundles offer significant discounts on necessity items, whether it be computer accessories, school supplies or speakers and headphones. 

7.) Fast, local repairs

Repairs are quick and convenient at the Cardinal Service Center, located in Exley Room 116. They are an authorized Apple repair center and can handle any kind of warranty repairs or accidental damage claims!

8.) Convenience

Located on the first floor of the Usdan University Center, Cardinal Tech is right where you are every day! We are in room 100, which is also conveniently accessed from Wyllys Ave.

 We hope these 8 Great Reasons will help illuminate our commitment to the Wesleyan community, and assist our customers in making the choice to shop with us!


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