GreenSmart Quokka 13" Laptop Sleeve

The Quokka sleeve features a basic zippered enclosure for laptops as well as a zippered pouch for a charger, or other small accessories you may want to carry with you. 

GreenSmart designs and produces everyday bags and sleeves from recycled materials.

As custodians of a small planet that belongs to our children and their children, we care about the materials, the processes, and the people involved in the design and the manufacturing of our bags and sleeves.

Less landfill

All fabrics in our bags are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. A bag like the Bonobo Satchel takes 19 bottles to make. So far we've diverted over a 1,000,000 bottles that would take 400 years to decay.

In addition, recycling plastic instead of making it from petroleum:

  • uses 20% less water
  • uses 50% less energy
  • creates 60% less air pollution

Non-toxic materials

For our sleeves, we use Neogreene®, our proprietary formulation of neoprene. Neogreene® is considered Toxic-Free because it is free from phthalates, VOCs, chlorine, and metals traditionally comprised in neoprene.

GreenSmart Neogreene® sleeves are only constructed using only water-based adhesives. This eliminates the dependence on solvent based adhesives, which generally contain toluene and dimethyl formaldehyde. So your electronics are cozily wrapped in poison-free protection.

 An ethical supply chain

All GreenSmart suppliers must adhere to a Code of Conduct of non-discriminatory and fair labor practices, addressing Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Overtime Compensation, and Forced and Child Labor.

Bring awareness to nature conservation

Gaur, Addax, Gharial... the names of our products sound exotic, however they are actually the names of endangered species from around the world, and a symbol of the fragility of our planet.

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