Prioritizing RJ Julia Textbook orders at Wes Station

January 21, 2020

Prioritizing RJ Julia Textbook orders at Wes Station

Buy from Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore, get your textbooks sooner. 

It's really that simple.

When you buy on Amazon and ship to your WesBox, your package arrives in large bins and bags - sometimes 1,000 at a time at the beginning of each semester!! This can often cause a delay in receiving your package (the tracking number has arrived, but Wes Station has not processed it yet). 

Wes Station's software tracking system is state-of-the-art. It creates accountability for central receiving at Wes Station and also for you - the customer. We know when each tracking number comes in and who it goes out to, and you can be alerted when your packages are ready for pickup. This keeps your most valuable packages safe and allows us to better track missing packages. While this is typically less than a 24-hour delay, we know textbooks should take priority. That's why this semester we are prioritizing textbook orders from RJ Julia!

We are aware that it can be difficult to manage a bag full of textbooks to and from the bookstore, so while the shuttle will certainly be running to Main Street over the next few weeks, we hope that offering free on-campus pickup for textbooks will be a major convenience for students!

This is a trial program that we will evaluate and hopefully implement as a more widely advertised service in the Fall of 2020!

To note: We are ensuring we have ample staff to accommodate this added service at Wes Station. This will not mean that your other packages will take longer to process. We will simply have someone dedicated to RJ Julia's textbook receiving!

One Wes Station student employee had a few remarks about this program:

"I empathize with students who are simply trying to get a textbook for a class that starts the next day. With all the many full huge package bins, it's nearly impossible to pick out one specific package before it's been processed. It's a great idea to streamline R.J. Julia textbooks to WesStation." - Miriam '22

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Sam Burr at Cardinal Tech:


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