Why Buy League Apparel at Cardinal Tech?

October 16, 2018 1 Comment

Why Buy League Apparel at Cardinal Tech?

1. Daycare Center

League Central America opened their daycare center in 2010 in the same industrial park as their facility. They wanted mothers and fathers to feel confident that their children would be safe while they work. The center is open to all individuals who work in the park, not just League employees.

2. English Learning Center

Each employee at LCA has time set aside to practice English using Duologo! They have a library of English books and League offers intensive classes for employees to achieve a more advanced level of English and to prepare to one day work in an all English-speaking call center.

3. Community Outreach

League USA believes in reaching out and extending good will to their surrounding communities. They partner with local schools and churches to reach those in need! They conduct annual food and gift drives, as well as back to school drives.

4. Fair Labor Association

The FLA believes all goods should be produced ethically and not at the cost of worker’s rights. League is dedicated to improving the lives of their workers, helping to change the manufacturing industry around the world!

5. Educational Program

League’s educational program helps employees develop reading and writing skills. The team at League volunteers their own time to teach their fellow employees. They are now able to enroll in university-level classes in 6 different technical degree programs. League believes that education is the key to success.

6. Residence for Physically Disabled

El Salvador has a huge population of physically disabled individuals and they have little opportunity to work because of a flawed public transportation system. League built handicap accessible housing in a neighboring community which allowed them to hire more physically disabled residents.

7. Ex-Gang Rehabilitation Program

League believes in second chances! Normally in El Salvador ex-gang members are rejected from society. With the help of psychologists and churches, League started a program of rehabilitation in order to hire ex-gang members.

8. Family Hires

League has created a policy in which they hire family members of their employees. They have found that it strengthens working relationships and efficiencies.

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March 16, 2020

I’m very pleased that Wesleyan has chosen to do business with such a responsible manufacturer!

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