Cover any of your technology for 2, 3 or 4 years with Safeware. Get accidental damage coverage and theft protection for about the same cost as AppleCare+, on every kind of technology from cameras to phones and all computers. Safeware is NOT just a Wesleyan warranty! You can have your computer serviced at any authorized repair place, including but not limited to your local Apple Store. If you're on campus, we've got you covered at our service center. If you're off campus, call Safeware to make a claim and they'll direct you to the nearest repair place!


Safeware for Laptops AppleCare+ for Mac

No claim limit on accidental damage

2 claim limit
$0 Service fee on screen claims $99 Service fee on screen claims
$0 Service fee on liquid claims $299 Service fee on liquid claims
2, 3, or 4-year terms available 3-year term limit is the only option

Theft coverage on every plan 

1 year included, can be extended

No theft coverage available
Available for all technology Apple only - no other devices

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